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Hey  guys, just updating ya'll here since I know not everyone folllows me on FB, twitter etc...

New Website!
Eyes Temp Banner by MediaViolence

Started a totally new portfolio/gallery website on a new domain, is still up, but it's never going to be updated because it was really just easier for me to make a new one with way simpler interface, eventually it'll forward to the new one, so if you want any of the old art off the old site, save it to your HDs now because once it's gone I probably won't be putting any of the super old stuff back up anywhere (it's embarrassingly old man!)

Baltimore Comic Con 2014!

I'll be at Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, selling my wares and taking quick commissions at table #A342
I'll have all my new 2014 prints as well as a brand new Monster Host Club zine that's a collab between :iconmechacharibdys: and I!
After the con all the merch will be available on my online store, but everything is limited, so please come get it at the con if you're gonna be there, and then you can get me to draw some stupid shit for you too, I enjoy drawing derpy stupid shit. Especially cats, and monsters, and monster cats.

After allll the con stuff is done, Dire Hearts will be resuming this fall, so please look forward to that too!

Instagram: AFatHouseCat
Online Store:
Hey guys, I know I haven't been very active online lately, but that's been mainly because I've been busy working on comic stuff and new prints for Otakon, NYCC, and a few other later-in-the-year comic conventions.
Here's what I'm currently up to!

Comic work:
Dire Hearts- part of Sparkler Magazine (
This comic has been on hold since earlier this year when I was diagnosed with a pretty serious chronic illness, I've been learning how to live and work with said illness, as it's something I can't cure, and the comic will return to the magazine this fall. I'm currently working on new chapters for then.

IndieGoGo Campaign:
SailorMoon 20th Anniversary Charms- (…)
To celebrate the return of one of my favorite anime and manga series I decided to make a limited run of chibi charms featuring the Sailor Senshi for con season, this is basically a preorder campaign to help fund them. I need as much support as possible on them to reach goal, so even a dollar donation is greatly appreciated! Paypal is welcome and no credit card is needed! Please visit the link, or click on the deviation below for more information!
Charmingly Heroic! SailorMoon 20th Anniversary! by MediaViolence

WeLoveFine T-shirts:
Bleach X Mucha tee designs-… and…)
We Love Fine is having a Bleach fan design contest for Bleach, and I had to enter seeing as Bleach was, and still is, one of the most important fandoms to me. I have two different designs up for vote, the top designs go to the judges for voting, so if enough people vote a 5 on my designs they'll at least be seen by Kubo-sensei and the Hot Topic judges. All it takes is a click on the 5 on the pages, and again, it costs you nothing, so if you can spare the five minutes it takes I would be so so so grateful for each and every vote! You can click the link abouve of the deviation below for more information!

We Love Fine- BLEACH - Rukia by MediaViolence We Love Fine- BLEACH - Ichigo by MediaViolence

Aside from that I'm still working on new prints and a small Monster High portfolio series for cons, which will all be updated here, on my tumblr and most frequently on my Instagram, link for all that are below! Please feel free to follow any of my accounts, they're all open to public :)

Instagram: AFatHouseCat
I hardly ever check my DA these days so if you need to get ahold of me ASAP about work, sending me a note on here, or a comment on my page/work is not the fastest or best way to go about it.

If you have a work related question please feel free to email me directly @ NyankoChan @ gmail dot com

If you have a personal question or something not related to a job/using my work/etc, please feel free to ping me on twitter @ LucySeven

You can also send me messages on tumblr (discordia) but I only check there every so often as well, so please, if it's important, just email me or tweet @ me.

I'm not deleting my DA, I'll still be updating here as a mirror to my other sites, but I just dont have the time to check here every day anymore so please don't use this as my main contact if you need a reply quickly.


MASSIVE store update!

New Products:

Discordia- full color mini art & sketchbook (SIGNED)


Grand Scope- Color & BW, full bleed, SFW shiny edition

90% of the products are on sale till Oct 31st and Discordia will be only $10.00 till then as well, after Halloween the prices go back to normal, so stop by and pick up some creepy boys for your Halloween fun :)

Shipping has also been updated to try to ship things a little cheaper overseas than they were prior, not sure if I'll be able to sustain this shipping or not, so this is a bit of a test to see if I can cover charges with lower prices, so please get while the getting's good XD

I'm going to be at SPX in Bethesda, MD this year Sept 14th and 15th!
I'll have new prints of all my old zines, some reprinted in full bleed glossy with special color pages!
AND I'll have a new 32 pg artbook, Discordia, featuring half full color images and half sketckbook :)

I'll update more when I have the books in hand so I can share pics~!

I'll be at J3, look for the table with eyeballs...
Hey guys I'll be at Otakon in Baltimore next weekend for a signing at the Sparkler/Chromatic table in the Artist Alley!
I won't have my own table and I have no plans to do any other American anime cons so if you want something signed, or a stupid doodle, please stop by while I'm there!
They'll have brand new Dire Hearts posters and pins and such for signing, so you'll be able to get some exclusive goods too!

Sparkler table, Otakon, Booth R11 in Artist Alley, Friday 2-4 pm for Dire Hearts creator and event.

If nothing else swing by and StreetPass me so we can cross animals ;)
Animal Crossing time!

I have QR code and my shoe store and conbini are open, working on hair salon it should be open in like 3 days.

Most of my pro designs are from my own comics, sorry XD

Native fruit is Peaches!

Add me: 0860-4653-5196

I'm on late nights and early morning mainly, night owl town :)

P.S. No running thru or stealing of my flowers please, I'm trying to fill the town. Fruit on trees is totally yours for the grabbing tho!
Hey guys, my publisher just put out the announcement for Dire Hearts' release so i can finally talk about it!
Whoo hoo!……………

So Dire Hearts is a brand new ongoing series that will be part of Sparkler Monthly from Chromatic Press! I am SO excited about this series and I really hope you guys will check it out!

At the prestigious Vector Arms Academy, boys are trained to be Knights of the Kingdom, skilled in physical combat–while next door at the Vector Magic Academy, girls are trained to be Casters, proficient in both spells and social graces. Students are expected to eventually choose a partner with the complementary skill to be their Dias, forming a working relationship that becomes a profound lifelong bond…and often leads to marriage.

For Rose, a Caster who can barely work the most basic spells, it ought to be a blessing to have Eigen as her Dias, since he's a top student and a rare young Knight who can actually use magic. But instead it feels like a curse. Uncomfortable in her own skin and frustrated by her struggles with what society expects of her, Rose's prickly relationship with Eigen is complicated by the fact that he seems to know something about her missing memories. What happened in the clock tower three years ago that led to Rose's injured arm? Who was the figure in the shadows that Rose can just barely recall? And why does Eigen keep looking at her like that?!

Dire Hearts is a fantasy adventure comic at it's core, there is romance- but also fighting, magic and boobies! So I'm not really aiming it at one specific demographic and I hope everyone will find something to enjoy :)
I've been working on this comic for almost 2 years now and I'm SO happy to finally be able to share it with you guys! *flails* So excited and so passionate about this project! I hope you'll give it a chance :)
I'm not doing cons again this year but I miss getting commissions of my boys from everyone in the AA like I usually do! So I thought I'd do a little splurging and buy a couple commissions online instead, but I have no idea who's open and who's not so I thought i"d just make a journal and ask you guys directly! If you're open for comms just leave a comment on this entry with your prices/a link to your price sheet, and I'll get in touch with a couple of you guys!……………

If you have an OC monster boy or girl you'd like me to draw watch my art blog and send me links on tumblr only please! The creepier the better!

I have nothing of interest to say at the moment but I hate having old journals up, so here's a picture of one of my cats. He is my best little buddy in the world and I just wanna squish his little squishy face alllllllll day long. He sits behind me while I work all day, so he's technically my assistant. And a great assistant he is, especially when he drips all over my pages.
Thanks for all the interest and try-outs guys! I've found a tonist tho so the job offer is now closed~
I got a lot more try outs than I had expected so I'm sorry if I couldnt reply to you personally, but the job offer has been sent to the person who got it so if you havent heard from me I'm sorry but maybe next time!
Thanks so much for all the support and helpful suggestions and for all the ppl who took the time to tone the test pages!
State of the Art

Most of my time these days is going towards working on Dire Hearts.
Dire Hearts by MediaViolence
All I have up from the comic is those character designs and blurbs, but in the unseen to the internet world, things are plugging along. I don't want to start adverting it till I actually close in father on the book, but work is being done and boy, it's a lot of work. But I'm really happy to be working on a book again, and I really love the characters a lot, so even if you don't see much from me, know that comic work is being done and enjoyed!

Private commissions are closed for 2013 and will be into the forseeable future because I just dont have time to spend on them right now. If I have to make the choice between spending an hour pencilling a page or an hour sketching someone's OC for a couple bucks well...comic's gotta win. Serious commissions and professional work is, as always, open on a case-by-case basis though so if you're interested in anything like that please just drop me a note describing the job/what you want and we'll talk :)

I made a resolution to try to get more illustrations done this year, but who knows if I'll be able to keep to it. Ever since I stopped doing American cons I pretty much stopped working on new posters and illusts b/c there wasn't really a need for them. But I want to get back into the practice of doing more than just pages.

I've honestly been sketching a lot, but am really fucking lazy when it comes to scanning in all those sketches. Since I'm a traditional artist it's a pain in the ass to scan a whole sketchbook lol, I do post derpy sketches on Instagram from time to time because I'm not so lazy that snapping a pic is too much work. For some reason I'm obsessed with Orcs and demons more than usual right now, so there's a lot of sketches of them...

Here's a run down of other galleries and such where you can find shit I'm too lazy to post here:
Instagram: afathousecat (…) the account is mainly cat photos with art interspursed, sorry XD
Tumblr: (art) (reblogs and Instagram mirror)

Online Store:
Just found out RE: Play is available thru on-demand printing via the "new" TokyoPop/RightStuf. This would be why Stu wasn't about to give me the rights to post it up for free. Sneaky, sneaky, I even emailed him before the holidays and he made no mention of my book going up for on-demand printing.

Please don't buy them. Buying them won't help me at all, I won't see a dime from them and any sales will just make my property seem like it has some money in it which will make it ever harder to ever get my property back.

If you never bought RE: Play and wanted it, please just buy something off my online store instead. There are tonnes of comics on there too:

Or hold on to your money and help support Dire Hearts, my new project that'll be up for Kickstarter later this year.
OR if you need comics now, please support another self published comicker or pick up some lesser loved titles from publishers that may not get the mainstream support Naruto and One Piece gets.

Just ugh, don't spend a dime on an on demand comic unless the proceeds go to the artist. Anyone can make an on demand book on their own thru sites like Lulu and such, don't waste your money on a "publishing company" that doesn't actually PUBLISH a dang thing.
Hey guys, I just picked up a Hujoo Wings that I'd like to find someone to do a faceup on for me.
I have the purple guy:

He's made of ABS, not resin and he's, well, purple! So I think he'll be a fairly challenging guy to paint, which means he's beyond my skill in faceups!

If you do faceups and would like to work on him for me send me a note or leave me a comment with examples of your previous work and your prices please! I have a specific character he has to look like so it would be helpful if you're used to working on character-dolls more than just doing your own thing too.

Anyway, I'd like to find someone as soon as possible so please let me know if you'd like to work for me! Thanks!

Click here or auctions!!!

I'm selling the last copies of my Homestuck goods as well as the last copies of 2 RE: Play prints on eBay to raise money for GoodMews ( the ATL cay shelter I volunteered at for 6+ years! I love this shelter dearly as it's a no-kill shelter that will turn no cat away. Because of that it specialized in special needs cats that would be put down at a shelter or be considered "unadopatable". If no one adopts them then Good Mews IS their forever home! And if someone does adopt them they STILL cover ALL the medical care related to the cat's special needs for life! It's a one of a kind place, and saves the lives of some very special kitties!

Tricky (…) is the mascot  cat of GM, she was shot in the spine by an angry ex-boyfriend who wanted to punish his ex. Tricky didn't do anything wrong, but by the evils of humans, she's paralyzed for life. However, through the love of the GM staff,she not only doesn't hate people, she loves them, and is one of the happiest cats you'll ever meet!

Please take a look at the auctions, and even if the prints don't interest you personally, think about bidding simply to donate! If you end up winning the bid, but don't want the prints, let me know and I'll re-list the prints and be able to donate twice!

Good Mews means so much to me, please help them build their new, larger facility and help even more kitties find their forever homes!!!

EDIT: Some people have contacted me interested in donating outside of eBay or without a credit card/via paypal.
While GM doesn't accept paypal they do accept direct donations via credit card. You can read more about donating via their homepage (
If you're interested in donating but don't have a credit card you can always pick up an Amazon gift card (or use a Paypal debit card) to purchase items direct from their Amazon wishlist here :…

If none of those options sound do-able for you and you'd still like to donate I'll see about doing a small donation drive in the future where you can paypal your donation to me and I'll donate it in a lump sum direct to the shelter. Thanks so much for all your interest! And please, even if you can't donate, pass this around so the kitties can have a happy holidays too! Thank you!
The last bit of Syzygos is going up Monday on MangaMagazine!
If you haven't checked it out, please do!
It's free to read here:………

TokyoPop isn't interested in releasing my RE: Play files to me to allow me to re-post them for free reading online, however they have interest in re-releasing RE: Play as an e-book. Would any of you guys be interested in that? I know some people haven't read it and I'd like to have it back out there available for people to purchase and read if they'd like to. It was the longest of my mainstream published English-language comics so I'd like to make it available again and it looks like the only way I can do that is thru TP still. So yeah, lemme know if you'd be interested in an ebook re-release. If enough people are interested I'll see what I can do about drawing some new art for it as well.

EDIT: No, there's no chance of there being a physical book re-release any time soon as TokyoPop owns the rights, but is no longer a publishing company. The entity called "TokyoPop" is literally just the one guy who holds all our book rights. So it's really not up to me to say "Well I'd rather this be a physical book" because there is no company to MAKE the book even. It'd be an ebook, or the files won't see the light of day again pretty much.)

I'll have some new illustrations and info for Dire Hearts in the coming week, so please stay tuned :)

After Syzygos ends on Manga Magazine I'll start uploading Next Exit. NE is the first published comic I did for SLG way long ago. I never got to finish it b/c I was working on it at the same time I was doing RE:Play and TokyoPop had tighter deadlines and better pay, so NE was a loss for me. I'd really like to re-start it and finish it some day, but for now I'd just like to put it back up on the web for people to be able to read it :)

Black Friday is lame, but Black CATURDAY is awesome!
If you've been interested in buying anything from my store nows a great time! Please help support me on Small Business Saturday and save yourself some cash :)

Everything in the store is 25% off with the code : BLACKCATURDAY
Code is good until 11/30 and every order placed with the code will receive a free set of not-for-sale-pins!

Click on the banner to go to the store :D

EDIT: Running super low on Grand Scope and have a few signed copies of Syzygos left, they're what's selling fastest so if you want a copy get on in b/c I dont plan to reprint them~ :)
Uploaded the first of many one shots I've done up on MangaMagazine tonight!
While Syzygos isn't the oldest, or the most recent I've done, it's one of my faves so it gets to go first:…………

I'll be uploading the comic in 5 little bite sized chunks so please check back each week :)

After this one I hope to upload a few more one shots and then go ahead and upload one of my old out of print series from 8 years ago- Next Exit.

Here's a little on DA preview of Syzygos
Syzygos- Preview by MediaViolence

And always always you can buy a doujinshi copy of the book from my e-store here:…

Copies are super limited, and signed, so if you'd like a copy, get on in while I still got some ;)

I know people keep asking me to repost/continue RE: Play but I still don't have my rights back to the comic from TokyoPop.
So right now I'm not even considering doing more on the book as I'd rather just move forward and work on Dire Hearts instead of fighting for rights to an old comic. Making new makes me happier anyway, tho yes, I would like my rights back some day since TP has no intent on ever republishing it.
Okay so enough people have asked me to share some of my comics over on MangaMagazine that I feel like it's probably something I should do!
I've made an account (CatButtFace) and planned to start uploading stuff this week but...I don't know what people want to see!!!

Should I upload series chronologically? Oldest first leading up to newest?
Or would you rather read some of my one shots I like best first?
Orrrrrr,would you guys want my old series that are now out of print like Next Exit and RE:Play to be shared first?
I won't be updating/drawing new pages for NE or RE unless some miracle happens and someone wants to pay me to do so (and in RE's case the smoldering wreckage of that company release my comic from their death grip), but I can share the old comics that were already drawn and printed in the past since they're both out of print now :)

Dire Hearts, my current project, is something I already have plans to share, but just not yet. So no new work will be shared anywhere till I've gotten my older stuff up and out there. Sorry guys, just be a little patient and I promise new comic is coming :)

So gawrsh guys, what the heck do you want to see?!