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SHC - making of by MediaViolence SHC - making of by MediaViolence
Samurai Host Club is updating again so I figured I'd do a little post to go "YAY!" and to let everyone know there'll be new pages from now on :)

Check out the new pages here:

I didn't want to do just a pinup so I figured since a lot of people ask how I do pages, I'd show a little step by step and explain things a bit.

If you do comics, you can ignore all the blather here because you already know all this shit and probably do it better than me anyway.


Col-erase colored pencil for base sketches
Pentel mecha pencil for clean sketches
Inks- Deleter NeoPiko liners, Pentel brush pens (I started this comic with pens so I hesitate to move over to nibs since it changes the texture of the lines even tho for 50% of my stuff now I do use nibs, and when I do it's usually a maru pen)
Paper- Deleter manga paper for sketched, Strathmore sketch for inks



Sketches- I do my rough sketches with a col-erase pencil, most people like non-photo blue, but I find any basic color works fine since you can drop out that color's channel in PS and be left with just your pencil sketches. After I get my forms done out in colored pencil I'll go back thru with regular pencil and clean up the lines for inking, add in some detail and basically de-muck my mess of color.

Inks- I ink on a light box which means I ink on a clean piece of paper put overtop my comic paper. The comic paper is a thin bristol so putting another bristol on top of it makes it very hard to see thru unless you have a high watt bulb. So I tend to just use Strathmore sketch for my inks. I like the way the ink feels on the roughness of the paper. If I'm going to ink with nibs tho I need use either bristol (not my preferred choice) or unlined manga paper so the nibs won't tear at the paper like they would with sketch.

(In this case my "editor" (read:a friend) looks over my pages for me as a first set of eyes, she argued that Sion's expression in the last panel wasn't surprised enough so we changed his eyes for the final page)

Tones- I'm not a tonist, repeat, I'm not a tonist. I worked with Cat (:iconyuugichan:) on RE :Play and on most of Next Exit, so I've not much experience in toning, nor do I really like tones. SHE is a fabulous tonist, so any toning questions, ask her, she's brilliant.
If I could work in just B&W I would lol. However for tones I use ComicWorks and try to keep it as simple as possible. Sion's hair is toned flat, and I use a lot of flat tones in the BG to separate the FG from the BG, but aside from that I don't really use them much. Sorry, I'm not much help there.

I'll try to do another of these of an establishing shot page so I can go over backgrounds since this page has little to none but I love them! I love backgrounds! And everyone else should love them more too, they're hard to do, but really worth it (to me) when you really go all out!

Okay so like, I don't know if this is helpful to anyone, but there it is. It's just how I do things, so it's not the right way or the wrong way, it's just a way. Take it with a grain of salt and figure out your own method that suits you best :)
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November 8, 2010
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